How did AGOGI get its name?

Our personal training studio was named by Astren, our head coach and founder of the AGOGI Method.

Being half Greek, Astren grew up in Greece spending most of his childhood and late teens there. During this time a fond appreciation for the sophisticated and progressive ancient Greek cultures was developed. He grew up drawing inspiration from these ancient nations, particularly from the ancient warrior kingdom of Sparta.

We have all heard of the Spartans, the fiercely brave nation that stood against the Persian war machine invading their homelands. In fact, you have most likely seen the Hollywood movie “300”, in which this invasion is depicted. These three hundred Spartans, being massively outnumbered, stood against the hundreds of thousands of invading Persian soldiers. The Spartans, alongside a small number of other Greek soldiers, were able to stand their ground for 2 whole days and succumbed to defeat only after bitter betrayal. Twenty-five centuries later, we still glorify this heroic stand of bravery. What made these people so brave and such capable warriors though? 

At a young age, all citizens of Sparta joined the Agogi, a lengthy training regime that educated them in all elements of physical, mental and emotional strength. Here, they were taught to be capable yet humble, disciplined and yet respectful. All this took place in preparation for these youngsters to become true warriors and good members of their society. In many ways, it was the Agogi that set the foundations for the Spartan kingdom to grow upon. How is this relatable to 21st century Australians I hear you ask?

Although we no longer live in ancient warrior kingdoms, we can all do with a little more physical and mental fortitude, right? At AGOGI Personalised Training we believe that the individual is the foundational building block of community. If we recreate ourselves into healthy and capable individuals then we create strong, healthy communities. By building strong communities, we make space for a resilient and more capable society.

Our world needs more mentally and physically capable individuals. Creating and cultivating that strength and confidence in the people around us is our mission. Our vision is to support and inspire everyone, initiating a ripple effect throughout our entire community. We use proven and well-tested methods steeped in modern science and ancient wisdom to help our tribe reach its fullest potential.

The hearts of coaches, psychologists and pro chefs have come together to develop the AGOGI Training Method. This is our proven systemised program that approaches the individual from a holistic personalised perspective and encompasses nutrition, training, stress management, sleep quality and gut health.

Does this sound like something you would like to be a part of?

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