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Hands down the best gym experience I’ve ever had. I’ve learnt so much after only 2 months training. The guys are knowledgeable and the facility is great. They are passionate about health more so than just “gains”. 

Johnathan Cody, 28

Astren is a caring and patient PT. I highly recommend him as your Personal Trainer.

He will help guide and train you carefully, be enthusiastic with you and gently push you a little in an endeavour to achieve great outcomes for your physical and mental well being.  

Wendy Smith, 71 

Holistic Personalised Training

SUSTAINABLE results that last !

The AGOGI Method is our proven systemised program, that approaches the individual from a holistic personalised perspective and encopases nutrition, training, stress management, sleep and gut health.


The human body is a marvelous multifaceted organism. If we approach it from one angle only it often is not enough. That is why at AGOGI the individual’s eating habits, stress levels, training age and mental health are all taken into account. 


We offer personalised 70 minute training sessions, programmed by our experienced coaches to target the exact goals we set out to achieve.  These Personal Training sessions come in the form of PT Memberships, which include everything you will need to reach your desired state.  


Starting with our 2 hour Primary Assessment, this is a deep dive into understanding your capacity, mobility, goals and your body’s unique biomechanics.


To learn more about how you can join today we invite you to contact us today. We look forward to helping you start your fitness journey.


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Strength Training

Making you feel confident in your body’s capabilities and empowering you through scientifically based  training. We pay great attention to detail making sure we establish quality movement and great technique. 


The AGOGI Method has an entire nutritional journey mapped out for you. Taking your social meals into account, your energy slumps throughout your work day and of course any intolerances or dietary requirements you may have. 

Lifestyle Coaching

Our services are designed to help our customers focus on health. Whether you are worried about weight management or simply want to learn more about the effects of a healthy diet and fitness regime, we can help you to achieve a balanced lifestyle.


Meet coach ELisa

Elisa has worked with athletes and gen pop in some of

the biggest CrossFit gyms in Melbourne & London (UK).


With over a decade of coaching experience and a

Masters degree in Psychology, Elisa is a truly


highly professional coach that is sure to get you to your goals.


In her spare time Elisa loves freediving, surfing and










Meet coach Astren

Award winning PT and competitive strength athlete,

Astren is a highly supportive coach that takes a

multifaceted, no bullshit approach to health & well-



His years of experience as a pro chef, drives his passion

for nutrition & gut health. 


When he is not in the gym, Astren loves reading

philosophy, bushcraft and playing music. 




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