DAN P – SPirit Breathwork




CLIENT TESTIMONIAL – Dan P – Spirit Breathwork

Symptoms Before:

❌ 2pm Daily Energy Slump
❌ Lower Back Pain
❌ Debilitating Ankle Injury
❌ Constantly Inflamed Achilles
❌ Malnourishment
❌ Chronic Inflammation
❌ Couldn’t Squat Down
❌ Couldn’t Deadlift
❌ Poor Eating Patterns
❌ Dehydrated
❌ Anterior Shoulder Glide
❌ Poor Ankle Mobility
❌ 81.6KG and Skinny-fat
❌ Collapsing Foot Arches


✅ Moves Pain-Free
✅ Decreased Ankle Swelling
✅ Improve Ankle Mobility
✅ Regained Ability to Squat
✅ Regained Ability to Deadlift
✅ Energy In Mornings
✅ 2pm Slumps Gone
✅ Gained 6KG of Lean Muscle
✅ Improved Posture
✅ Eliminated Back Pain
✅ Decreased Inflammatory Markers
✅ Capable of Maintaining his Property
✅ Confident in Lifting his Daughters

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